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趣味はサーフィン・キックボクシング・サルサ・HIP HOPです。









Cool Summer!!

The hot summer is here again!!

What do you do to stay cool in summer?

I lived in Hawaii for 2 years and I love marine sports!

My favorite sport is surfing.

Waikiki is a great place to start surfing.

The water is beautiful and people of all ages can enjoy the ocean together.


Bodyboarding is another fun sport.

I enjoy bodyboarding in shallow water where surfboards can't be used.


Scuba is another wonderful marine sport.

I have tried scuba diving in Hawaii, Bali and Australia.

I could see a new world underwater!!

Have you tried surfing, bodyboarding or scuba diving?

What marine sports do you like?

How do you keep cool in summer?

Merry Christmas!!


Christmas is very important in many cultures and countries around the world.

It is also very important in America.

About 2 or 3 weeks before Christmas day, many American families set up and decorate a Christmas tree in their living rooms.

American children and adults exchange presents with friends and family.

The presents are kept under the Christmas tree until the morning of December 25th.

Everyone loves to open the presents on Christmas morning

On the evening of Decenber 25th, many families gather for Christmas dinner.

Most people eat traditional holiday food such as turkey, potatoes and gravy.

We also eat many kinds of desert but "Christmas cake" is not a tradition.


The main point of Christmas is kindness and giving.

It is usual for American adults to buy and give away more than 10 presents!

Do you enjoy Christmas? Why or Why not?

Do you usually give any Christmas presents?

テーマ:アメリカ生活 - ジャンル:海外情報

Halloween is almost here!


Halloween is one of the most popular holidays in America.

The idea of Halloween is similar to the Japanese holiday of "Obon."

Long ago, Europeans believed that ghosts visited us on November 1st.

Now, Halloween is celebrated on October 31st or the preceding Saturday.

Many people wear interesting costumes to enjoy this holiday.

Some people wear scary monster or ghost costumes.

Some people wear movie, animation or TV character costumes.

Cute, sexy or funny costumes are also popular.


On Haloween evening, from about 5pm to 8pm, children visit houses in their neighborhoods.

They knock on the doors, say "trick or treat" and get candy.

The dark night is too scary for some children (and some parents!) so many shopping malls also celebrate Halloween and give candy to children.


Adults can celebrate Halloween, too.

Many adults decorate their house and wear a costume when they give candy to visiting children.

There are also Halloween parties for adults with drinking and dancing!!

Our English school will celebrate Halloween this October 27th.

Come join us and let's have a great time!!


Have you ever seen a real ghost?

Have you ever worn a costume?

New Words

similar- 似てる

ghost- 幽霊

celebrate- 祝う

costume- 衣装

scary- 恐い

neighborhood- 近所

decorate- 飾りをつける

Looooong Summer Vacation!swim

Summer vacation for students in America starts in mid-June and ends at the beginning of September.
Two and a half months!!
It is a really long vacation!
Students don't do homework during the summer vacation.
Many kids join summer camps for a few weeks.
Some camps are over-night camps but most are daytime camps.
Many children join sports camps.
They play sports such as soccer, baseball, American football or tennis.


When I was a child, every summer I tried something different.
I attended horsback riding lessons during one summer break.


My favorite camp was "nature" camp.
We went hiking, fishing and learned basic camping skills.


What did you do during summer vacation when you were a student?
Do you think American summer vacation is too long?

New Words

during: ~の間
summer camp:
over-night: お泊り
daytime: 昼間だけ
horseback riding: 乗馬


School Trips

When I was in High school, we never had any over-night school trips but we had many one-day trips.
My favorite trips were hiking and canoeing trips connected to biology class.
It was fun to play outside with my classmates, away from school.


I also really enjoyed trips to art and history museums.
My high school was near Washington DC so we often went to the world-famous Smithsonian museums near the White House.

water ride

My favorite school trip was to an amusement park called Busch Gardens.
My high school crush asked to sit next to me on a roller coaster ride.
I was so surprised and happy!!

Did you have an over-night school trip?
What school trips did you enjoy?

New Words

over-night trip: 一泊旅行
one-day trip: 日帰り旅行
canoeing: カヌー
biology: 生物
history: 歴史
museum: 博物館
world-famous: 世界的に有名
amusement park: 遊園地 
crush: 片思い
roller coaster: ジェットコースター