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Drinking Alcohol


Many people in every country in the world enjoy drinking alcohol (^o^)/!!

In America, we can legally start drinking when we are 21 years old.

Many people start drinking before they turn 21, illegally.

I first started drinking when I was a high school student.

Many students at my high school enjoyed drinking at home parties.

Usually, these home parties were held secretly when parents were away on business.

High school drinking parties were very wild!!

We often played games and the winners would make the losers drink.


I really enjoyed those secret home parties, they were a good way to make new friends, and girlfriends, too!

Turning 21 years old meant that you could go out drinking legally.

But it also meant the end of wild, secret home parties.

When did you drink alcohol for the first time?

Did you enjoy drinking before you became the legal age?

New Words

legally:  合法な

illegally: 違法な

secretly: 内緒で

away on business: 出張中

meant: ということになった

School Lunch

School Lunch

School lunch in America is very different from Japan.

Students in elementary, junior high, and high schools in America don't eat lunch in their classrooms.

They eat lunch in the school cafeteria.

American students can choose to bring a bag lunch from home or buy a school lunch.

Bag lunches from home usually are a sandwich, potato chips, a small salad or fruit.

When I was a student, all bag lunches were in brown paper bags but now they are many types.


School lunches are sold in the cafeteria.

Students line up, choose between 2 or 3 menu types and pay about 2 dollars.

The school lunch choices change every day.

But they are usually: hamburger, chicken, pizza, meat pie, or tacos for the main dish.

There are 2 side dishes of potatoes and vegetables and also a  desert.

When I was a student , about 60 percent of students bought school lunches and 40 percent brought bag lunches.

Did you eat lunch in a school cafeteria?

What kind of food do Japanese students usually eat for lunch?

New Words

school lunch: 給食

school cafeteria: 食堂

pay: 支払う

choices: 選択

when I was a student,: 私が生徒だった時

bought: 買った

brought: 持ってきた


School Clothes



In the U.S.A., there are no school uniforms for students in public schools.

Students in elementary, junior high, and high schools can wear any clothes they like!

Student s can dye their hair and pierce almost anything!!

The fashion style is always casual.

Boys often wear baggy pants and t-shirts.

Baseball caps are always in fashion, too.

Girls wear makeup, casual tops and jeans.

Some teachers complain that students care more about their looks than about studying.

Did you have a school uniform in high school?

Which do prefer, American or Japanese school clothes?


New Words

uniforms: 制服

public schools: 公立

elementary: 小学校

dye: 染める

pierce: ピアスをする

baggy pants: ダブダブのズボン

in fashion: 流行のファッション

wear makeup: お化粧をする

complain: 文句を言う