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Part time Job

Summer is almost here!
In America, school's summer vacation starts in mid-June.
It is a long vacation that lasts about 2 and a half months!!
Many high school students do a part-time job during the summer vacation.
Jobs at restaurants, summer camps, and swimming pools are most common.
When I was a high school student, I worked a different part-time job each summer.
I worked as a ticket-taker in a movie cinema.
The next summer, I worked at a family restaurant.
One summer, I worked cleaning the floor in a doughnut shop!


The summer jobs usually only pay minimum wage.
This 6 dollars and 15 cents, now (about 730 yen).
It is not much money but the part time jobs are a fun way to make new friends and learn the value of money.

Most students use the money to keep up their cars or enjoy the long summer vacation.


Did you have a part time-job when you were a student?
What is the minimum wage in Japan?

New Words

summer vacation: 夏休み
mid-June: 6月の中旬
part-time job: アルバイト
doughnut: ドーナツ
minimum wage: 最低賃金
the value of money: お金の価値

Family Vacations


Golden Week is here and many people are enjoying the vacation with their families.
When I was a child, I went on vacation with my family every summer.
My father, brother and I often went camping in the mountains of Virginia.

We put up a tent and made a camp fire.
We cooked our food over the fire.
We also went fishing and swimming in the river.


There were many insects in the mountains, it was hot in the tent and my brother and I often fought about small things.
But, looking back now, those were really happy times!

Did you go on family vacations as a child?
What did you do?
Were those happy times for you?

New Words
when I was a child: 子供だったころ
Virginia: バージニア州
put up: 建てる
insects: 虫
looking back: 振り返って


Recently, there was a terrible shooting incident near my hometown in America.

More than 30 people were shot and killed at a University.

I was very sad to hear about this incident.

America has a big problem with guns.

It is very easy to get a gun in America.

Many pistols and rifles cost between 300 and 1000 dollars.


In America, in most states, you can buy a gun if:

You are over 21.

You have never commited a crime.

You don't have a mental illness.

The gun shops have an instant background check system to check the criminal and mental history of customers.

Many of my friends and family members have guns.

They just went to a gun or hunting shop, chose a gun, showed their identification, paid their money and took their new guns home!!

It is not necessary to have a special license or take any gun safety classes!

What do think about Americas gun laws?

Have you ever touched a real gun?

New Words

mental illness: 精神病
commited a crime: 犯罪を起こした
instant: 瞬時に
background check: 素性 check
criminal: 犯罪に関して
mental: 精神状態に関して
history: 歴
identification: 身分証明書
necessary: 必要
license: 免許
laws: 法律

High School Graduation

In America, the school year begins in September and ends in June.

High school seniors graduate a little earlier, in mid-May.

My high school graduation was very exciting and fun!

About 2 weeks before the graduation ceremony, we had our school dance for graduating seniors called “The Senior Prom.”

The dance was fun but we were all a little sad to have our last dance event together.

The graduation ceremony was on the auditorium stage.

All graduating students wore a cap and gown.

Our relatives cheered loudly when we received our diplomas on the stage.

Later, outside, we yelled, “Ready, set, go!” and we threw our caps in there air!

After the ceremony, the graduates had our last celebration.
We enjoyed a night cruise on the bay near our school.

Did you enjoy your high school graduation?

What did you do to celebrate your graduation?

New Words
Seniors: 上級生
Graduate: 卒業する
Mid-May: 5月中旬
Graduation: 卒業
Ceremony: 式
Auditorium: 講堂
Relatives: 親戚
Diplomas: 卒業証
Yelled: 叫んだ
Ready, set, go!: せーの!
Threw: 投げた
Graduates: 卒業生達
Celebration: お祝い
Bay: 湾


Drinking Alcohol


Many people in every country in the world enjoy drinking alcohol (^o^)/!!

In America, we can legally start drinking when we are 21 years old.

Many people start drinking before they turn 21, illegally.

I first started drinking when I was a high school student.

Many students at my high school enjoyed drinking at home parties.

Usually, these home parties were held secretly when parents were away on business.

High school drinking parties were very wild!!

We often played games and the winners would make the losers drink.


I really enjoyed those secret home parties, they were a good way to make new friends, and girlfriends, too!

Turning 21 years old meant that you could go out drinking legally.

But it also meant the end of wild, secret home parties.

When did you drink alcohol for the first time?

Did you enjoy drinking before you became the legal age?

New Words

legally:  合法な

illegally: 違法な

secretly: 内緒で

away on business: 出張中

meant: ということになった